Our Specials

Chicken atiatihan grid 1419128694

Chicken Atiatihan 8.75

grilled marinated chicken served w/ rice and pickled papaya

Bihon grid 1419128049

Bihon Guisado 8.99

thin cornstarch noodles sautéed w/ meat and veggies

Pochero grid 1419128211

Pochero 10.75

beef shank simmered w/ broth and veggies

Image grid 1453422851

Kinilaw 10.50

raw fish mixed w/ onions, hot peppers, tomatoes, calamansi, and vinegar

Halo halo grid 1419128202

Ati Buko Halo-Halo 6.99

shaved ice w/ sweet beans, fruits, and flavored jellies served on a coconut shell

Lechon kawali grid 1419127947

Lechon Kawali 9.75

deep fried pork belly

Image grid 1453422751

Sizzling Squid (medium) 9.50

Sizzling Squid

Image original 1453422751 2 grid 1456037357

Sizzling Squid (large) 10.75

Sizzling Squid